Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga allows you to detox from day to day stress, illness or depression and focus on happy vibes! Goat Yoga is  Part Yoga and Part Animal Assisted Therapy.  You do not need previous yoga experience. Ticket includes one hour of goat assisted yoga, and an additional 45 minutes to cuddle our goats.

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If class is canceled due to inclement weather, you may switch to a different class. You must cancel 72 hours before class in order to receive a refund.

This agreement releases Peacock Road Family Farm, or any yoga instructors or employees thereof (hereafter referred to as Peacock Road Family Farm) from any and all liability relating to injuries or destruction of property arising from any cause whatsoever, including that of any possible negligence on the part of Peacock Road Family Farm. The participant understands that goat yoga involves physical exertion / overexertion involved with yoga, as well as participation and interaction with farm animals which can be unpredictable in behavior and known to nibble, jump, scratch, etc. The participant understands he / she is in a rural environment on unlevel surfaces and may have contact with various plants, manure, dirt, and such things involved in the farm setting. Participant accepts all risks of property damage, injury and death associated with goat yoga and the rural setting in which it will take place.

By signing, and purchasing a class, it signifies agreement that the participant understands and agrees to hold Peacock Road Family Farm free from any liability or financial responsibility from injuries and / or property damage incurred.

Participant understands that Peacock Road Family Farm is using these premises for goat yoga and that he / she may or may not be photographed in participation of the yoga. As such, participant grants Peacock Road Family Farm the right to record their image, likeness, voice, etc. for the purposes of marketing on Facebook Business or Website or any media for art and advertising.

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